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Enjoy home-cooking with your favourite recipes

Food - Zelina Williams - May 25, 2020

Cook at home

Cooking and eating with family is a great way to bond with each other. Any other activities like watching tv, playing would not make the whole family involve and enjoy. Whereas food brings people together because it is essential for everyone. Cooking at home with the favourite recipes of all will unite family over the dining table. But sometimes you may struggle to make the recipes, use the best source to make things done right.

The process of cooking is very simple when you have the idea of recipes and ingredients. You can make your recipes more creatively even as simple as possible. If you need to lose weight by maintaining a proper diet, preparing meals for yourself enables to make your diet with proper nutrients value.

Cook at home

Healthy breakfast:

The day starts with breakfast, it kick-starts your metabolism and helps you to focus at work. Breakfast gives you many health benefits you should not skip it. As the name says breaking the overnight fasting, hence breakfast is considered as the important meal of the day. People who often skip breakfast they would not meed their daily intakes of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

You can improve memory and concentration levels by starting a day with the quality breakfast. It is hard for the people to make breakfast who need to go work at the time. Usually, they skip breakfast which leads to many health issues. But you can make and eat some healthy food within 10 minutes. Choose some of the quick and healthy options to make like hard-boiled eggs, low- fat cheese with bread which will not take your much of time. For the simple breakfast recipes find the source and try to have a healthy breakfast. Make your morning meal as a matter of habit and enjoy making at home.

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Prefer the device of your choice with a broad range of features which are offered on our website

Food - Zelina Williams - May 7, 2020

Prefer the device

The unique and innovative devices are available in order to create a lot of hype for the instant pot. The small kitchen appliances are available from various brands as a single product will help you to do multiple tasks in the kitchen. There are different models of the instant pot which are already available in the market. The broader range of features is offered so that you can prefer the device of your choice as per your convenience using full post. The overall performance should be taken into consideration if you just have a look at the devices available on our website. You can place the lid conveniently by checking the handle of the size if you want to serve the food.

full post

Reduce the amount of cooking time:

The models are available in a variety of sizes so that you can find the perfect product with proper vision. The unique features in the full post can be understood easily when you discuss with a professional cook. If you want to prepare healthier meals then you can reduce the amount of cooking time. You must always ensure to cook your food under pressure to enjoy the healthy breakfast. If you are getting ready for a big meeting then you can have a sturdy boat of pumpkin oatmeal. There are several different delicious recipes which you can get used throughout the week. If you are interested to try the instant pot recipes then the possibilities are endless.

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Brownie Serving Suggestions

Food - Zelina Williams - April 4, 2020

Brownie Serving Suggestions

An undisputed champion amongst desserts of all flavors, shapes and sizes, a brownie is something that can be eaten with or without any add-ons. It can be easily procured or prepared as brownies are commonly found confectionery items in bakeries and easy to bake recipes at home. Either pit together the ingredients of a Brownie mix or better yet use your own ideas and you’ll soon have the perfect dessert to munch on right before you.

Brownie Serving Suggestions

It’s no overstatement to call a brownie the most versatile option of them all. You can mix and match it with anything or just leave it all by itself, the little dessert can be eaten in a variety of styles in order to really enjoy its sweetnessand relish what it has to offer.

Some serving suggestions

  • A standalone option

When had just by themselves, they are delicious? Heat them up in a microwave for a couple of seconds for added flavor. However, be sure to have it before it gets stale as they tend to lose their flavor.

  • Ice-creams

When it comes to making the perfect match for a brownie, it doesn’t get better than plain vanilla ice cream. That being said you can always use other flavours as well depending on your palette. However, it’s hard to argue with the fact that the right vanilla ice cream can bring out the flavor just the way you need it. Add to the mixture some chocolate sauce dripping all over and you have the perfect mix.

  • Sizzling hot

This make come as slight surprise, but sizzling brownies do exist. This means that your favorite brownie topped with fresh vanilla ice cream can be made even snazzier. To do this a sizzler plate can be added. The sizzling makes the chocolate hot and thick. The mixture of hot dripping chocolate, steaming brownie and cold ice cream never fails to give you a sensory overload you’ll not forget anytime soon. Sizzler brownies are a delicacy to enjoy, but be careful not to burn yourself.

  • Sundaes

While we go about honoringthe other options, let’s stop and give a moment to the best variant of them all. A sundae is one of the best ways to enjoy brownies. Built on similar principles as the variants above, a sundae goes the extra mile in order to bring a smile on one’s face.

These are some ways to enjoy a brownie.

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Best Cheese Slicer Reviews 2018

Food - Zelina Williams - July 13, 2019

eatrbox website presents the newest 2018 best cheese slicer reviews. This is one of the essential kitchen tool mostly used for slicing or cutting semi-hard of hard cheese. It is designed to create a thin levelled slices. These cheese slicers are created in various designs depending on the different hardness of the cheeses.

The slicer can also be involved in slicing types of vegetable like cabbage, zucchini, cucumber or butter. This is a precious item for snacking and cooking in home kitchens. It is absolutely the best slicer that offers your preference cheese slice at hand.

The features to look for when purchasing the Cheese slicer

The process of looking for a good slicer can introduce you to many options. The sliding mechanism is the essential aspect to consider while buying a cheese slicer. The following are features of these cutting mechanisms:


Whether it is the soap treatment standard or dishwasher, the cleaning process should be straightforward and convenient. Scrapping off the remaining pieces of vegetable should be easier and just a single stroke should be enough so as to save time.


Varying thickness

Probably you like taking various cheese dishes, every dish requires its thickness type slices. Therefore, it is important to invest in a reliable slicer. Normally, this group slicer has a built-in adjustable knob that enables the user to fix a width of a slicer that appears as the outcome.


The primary reason behind the creation of the cheese slicer was to obtain a straight cut. Alternatively, other people use the knife in a perfect task to offer a slice at the affordable range. While both taste and elegance are important to the meals, the ability to offer just cuts is compulsory for the modern cutters.


When buying a cheese slicer always choose the one that has a lifespan of over six years. This item should never include a material that can outdated after the short period of time. Also, it should be resistant to rust and pressure.


The best cheese slicer should be able to endure both soft and hard cheese block. Also, it should have the capability to slice and have its way via stuff much easier.


The company that omit warranty is a type of company that doesn’t have confident on its product. The manufacture reliability level is always evident in a warranty that ranges from one up to 10 years. In case a manufacturer default offers a replacement, you can ask for your refund while the warranty is still valid. Find the best product from

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