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WOT ST-1: The Important Uses and Capacity of This Tank

Games - Zelina Williams - February 22, 2019

The skorpion g  is among the most played tank in this wargaming even though it is the one of the slowest tier nine. It comes with heavy tanks and a sturdy angled armor impenetrable to tier eight guns. The armor of this tank gives you the mobility especially when hull-down. This is also great for side scraping for it is almost half the weight of its predecessor. But, this tank won’t be that good for ramming but could speed up when pushed along by teammates. The gun that comes with it is very powerful yet, hard to fire when on the move. With careful aiming, you could shoot beyond 4oo meters. This tank can be a surprise if mastered the controls. It could even lead its team to a victory with its formidable firepower.

ST-1 Key Points

t-10 in WoT

The ST-I is a tank with a low top speed and with very high resistance to enemy fire. Some players consider this vehicle as the second most resistant tier nine of German E-75. This equipment is actually armed with a much better cannon. It also has large firepower and good penetration value which is why players are using this for ragged war. If you are in fights between distance below 150 meters, this tank could be your best option. It could even fire over longer distance whenever the need arises. Here are the key points of this tank and the characteristics it could do in the war zone.

  • Armament: At most of 122 mm M62-T2 with a penetration of 268 mm and damage to 440.
  • Armoring: It comes with hull 140mm/140mm/100mm and a turret of 250mm/160mm/160mm.
  • Durability: This tank had 1900 health points, durable enough.
  • Speed: It could go for 40km/h, engine: 700HP
  • Role: St-1 is great for both close combat and medium distance combat.

The ST-I is a sort of throwback to the KV-1 in its armor distribution. This equipment tends to be all-round, rather than front only. When it comes to angling, it could even aim the toughest target possible.

The Performance Level

The ST-I design is not that speedy and flexible. But, the armor itself is thick with raw firepower. If you are aiming for a tough opponent, you should never face it alone in a close range. It is adept to face-hugging and side scraping but, might be sluggishness due to its huge turret. This could be your downfall so, exploit its ability in close-to-mid-range combat. Note that if you are in a hull-down position, its turret can penetrate only by the strongest tier 10 guns. The huge and slow-moving turret could become a huge weak spot. Any shot that could hit the turret’s underside may ricochet off and down into the hull, causing damage.

This tank has very thick sides and quite heavy but, available for boosts as well. It also comes with surprising speeds for around 40 km/h especially when pushed along by a teammate. If you are in a minimap, this tank could make its speed well on flat ground. Its light-weight features create a massive turret, high susceptibility to artillery fire.

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