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Drinking red wine helps health

Drinks - Zelina Williams - March 12, 2022

Drinking red wine

Drinking red wine helps healthDrinking red wine, without exaggerating, brings many benefits to our health and well-being.

It prevents obesity, improves depressive states and helps take care of cardiovascular health.

The important thing is to take it in the right quantities, avoiding excesses, in moderation remembering that wine is an important source of antioxidants.

So let’s see how to help our health with a glass of wine buy red and white wine online.

Drinking red wine: whyis it good for you?

Wine contains an active ingredient, resveratrol, which reduces cell aging and other negative effects. The antioxidants contained within help the gene that prevents the formation of new fat cells. Therefore, it reduces the risk of obesity and, in addition, helps those who are overweight to lose fat. Drinking a glass of red wine is also good for our brain.

Resveratrol and the other antioxidants in wine help our brains reduce the risk of suffering from dementia and premature tissue degeneration.

Drinking wine helps maintain the balance of inflammatory processes and reduces the risk of arterial hardening, thus helping oxygenation of the brain.

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Drinking red wine: protects the heart

A glass of red wine, for women, or two glasses, for men, helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, especially those related to bad cholesterol and hypertension.vThese benefits are due to the antioxidant action of wine which reduces the oxygenation of lipids in the arteries and preserves elasticity by favoring the passage of blood.

Goodbye tiredness

Red wine, without clearly exaggerating, helps provide an extra dose of energy.vIts qualities and nutritional properties help cellular activity and optimize physical and mental performance, providing an extra dose of energy in moments of greatest tiredness and fatigue.

Cholesterol and obesity

“This research – explains Tim Spector, one of the authors – provides insights into the fact that, given the high levels of polyphenols in the grape skin, they could be responsible for many of the debated health benefits (always provided that you drink in moderation” .

“So drinking red wine once in a while – is the advice of Caroline Le Roy, first author of the study – for example every two weeks, seems to be enough to have a positive effect on the body”.

Teeth and gums: red wine and zero bacteria

Drinking moderately red wine also appears to be good for your teeth and gums by reducing the ability of pathogenic bacteria to form plaque.

According to a Spanish study, some antioxidants in red wine (particularly caffeic acid and coumaric acid) could help prevent tooth decay and periodontitis (gum disease) by preventing bacteria from adhering to teeth and gum tissue.

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